BMSV 2019

About the conference

BMSV 2019 will bring together experts in diverse domains of bacterial biology for a four-day meeting focused on discussing frontier aspects of bacterial morphogenesis, survival and virulence. Based on the previous edition of the meeting in 2016 (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala), BMSV 2019 will comprehensively cover current technologies and ideas in bacterial research including themes of cell division, signaling, genome biology, stress response, morphogenesis, virulence and antimicrobial resistance.

Travel grants available. See registration page for details.

Invited Speakers

  • Bree Aldridge (Boston, US)

  • Anjana Badrinarayanan (Bangalore. IN)

  • Frédéric Barras (Paris, FR)

  • Marek Basler (Basel, CH)

  • Tom Bernhardt (Cambridge, US)

  • Melanie Blokesch (Lausanne, CH)

  • Wilbert Bitter (Amsterdam, NL)

  • Robert Bonomo (Cleveland, US)

  • Marc Bramkamp (Munich, DE)

  • Yves Brun (Montreal, CA)

  • Jean-François Collet (Brussels, BE)

  • Glenn Dale (Basel, CH)

  • Médéric Diard (Basel CH)

  • Jeff Errington (Newcastle, UK)

  • Pierre Genevaux (Toulouse, FR)

  • Zemer Gitai (Princeton, US)

  • Angelika Gründling (London, UK)

  • Regine Hengge (Berlin, DE)

  • Sophie Helaine (London, UK)

  • Matthias Horn (Vienna, AT)

  • Babak Javid (Beijing, China)

  • Pilar Junier (Neuchâtel, CH)

  • Kimberley Kline (Singapore, SN)

  • Christian Lesterlin (Lyon, FR)

  • Patrick Linder (Geneva, CH)

  • Tâm Mignot (Marseille, FR)

  • Cécile Morlot (Grenoble, FR)

  • Tracy Palmer (Newcastle, UK)

  • Vladimir Pelicic (London, UK)

  • Hesper Rego (New Haven, US)

  • Jeanne Salje (Bangkok, TH)

  • Samantha Sampson (Stellenbosch, SA)

  • Sloan Sigrist (Amherst, US)

  • Alex Sigal (Durban, SA)

  • Martin Thanbichler (Marburg, DE)

  • Jan-Willem Veening (Lausanne, CH)

20 short talks selected from abstracts


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Monkey Valley Resorts,
Mountain Road, Noordhoek
Cape Town, South Africa
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Registration costs including accommodation will be ~800 Euros.

Registration deadline is 30th April 2019

A competition for 14 travel grants for PhD students or postdocs will open in early May to those conference participants whose registration application has been accepted. The application procedure and link for the travel grant competition will be communicated by email.

Pre and Post meeting Travel


Bavesh Kana, U. Witwatersrand, SA
Sunish Radhakrishnan, U. Warwick, UK
Patrick Viollier, U. Geneva, CH
Anjana Badrinarayanan, NCBS, IN